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To try and honor my new resolution of taking better care of my LJ, I'm going to be revamping this space and hopefully getting more use out of my journal!

Quick Introduction

+ Name: Jane (You can call me Kou)
+ Occupation: Full-time University Student
+ Location: Arizona, United States
+ Interests: Languages, writing, FIFA (when it comes around!), video games, fandom

Things You're Likely to Find in this Journal (at least from now on!)

+ Fanfiction
+ Language Log
+ Original Writing (Under lock!)
+ Travel Posts

Other than that, I'm generally a friendly person. If you want to drop by and say hi or friend me, please feel free! I would be honored to meet you.
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Scientist Salarian :: Mordin Solus

Meanwhile, In Earth-20021...

So, there should be more mainstream superheroes of color. This is basically a snippet from "What If? the Avengers were less whitebread." Banner with ~fantasy casting~ to be included later. I just wanted to post this now before I forgot... again. In short, Tony is from a Chinese-Vietnamese immigrant family and Isaiah (Cap) is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, the first Super Soldier~.

Steve Rogers' body was found, but there was no magical ice that allowed him to be thawed. Basically, he was a dead corpse that SHIELD used to rebuild an unstable version of the Super Soldier Serum, which will only take in certain people. As of now, the only person to take it and remain healthy and whole is Isaiah.

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Scientist Salarian :: Mordin Solus

X-Men Kink Fill: Desperate Measures

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Language Log 3

I am so bad at updating.

Well, I've only managed to do a few more Pimsleur lessons, mostly because I keep forgetting to update my iPod with new audio.

On the plus side, I've discovered SharedTalk which is great for instantaneous language exchange. I've chatted with both French and Chinese speakers, including one lovely person who actually sat down and gave me a whole Mandarin lesson. I downloaded QQ (the Chinese version of ICQ chat, except it does EVERYTHING) to get a chance to talk to her more.

So yes, language exchange is really neat! It really helps you realize your language limits.

I did go through a few more PopUp Chinese lessons, which were fun and gave me more practical phrases to use.

In reading news, I finished reading both The Westing Game and The Magicians of Caprona during my trip to California (visiting family and helping my brother slowly move out). Both extremely amazing, and I'm going to move onto Witch Week (Chrestomanci Book 3) as soon as my physics test is over. Why isn't this series a movie/BBC miniseries/awesome comic book yet?

And... study abroad news! I finally got my eCoE, which means I can apply for my student visa for Australia. I can also sign up for classes now, and I jumped on my two PoliSci courses and one French class. I'm still trying to get into the health policy class, but I get the feeling it'll have to wait until orientation, when I have my advising appointment. Still, I'm excited! I've applied for housing (it may still fall through, admittedly), bought my plane tickets, and set up a bank account abroad. I am so ready to travel.
Scientist Salarian :: Mordin Solus

Language Log 2

... Among other things.

So, despite the huge amount of time I have, I'm not keeping to my schedule very well. For Chinese, I tend to listen to a lesson in Pimsleur once every two days, and for French, it varies wildly. Still, I am learning new things! I need to hunt around for Chinese radio/shows to listen to in order to get used to the tone and rhythm of the language.

On the plus side, I have been reading a lot more! I finished the first book in the Chrestomanci series in a day, why isn't this already a live action, 2D cartoon, or 3D wonder yet?! and I'll probably finish Gaiman's The Graveyard Book either today or tomorrow. Then, on to the Magicians of Caprona!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful Judgment Day. I am going to spend my hours watching Tangled.